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Candy Corn long sleeve tiered skirt all-knit dress

$30.00 USD

Missy has been wanting to make this dress for a long time now! Colors and designs are reminiscent of candy corn as we head into the spooky season.

This dress is all-knit with long sleeves- perfect for school and cooler weather. The skirt is tiered (see photo), which really raises the twirl factor. 

See size chart below for measurements. In stock & ships immediately. 

Imported. Poly/ cotton/ spandex.

Size Chart (First measure is horizontal at chest; second is vertical from high point of shoulder at base of neck to bottom hem of dress): 2/ 10" x 20.5", 4/ 11" x 23.5", 6/ 11.5" x 26", 8/ 12.5" x 29", 10/ 13.5" x 31", 12/ 14.5" x 32.5", 14/ 15.5" x 34".