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20% of sales on Sunday, 2/27/2022, will be donated to a humanitarian organization on the ground in Ukraine with a special emphasis on food, clothing medicine, and baby supplies for women and children affected by the violent invasion of Ukraine. We will try to donate at a higher level and keep it going longer. 

FYI, I am still in the process of vetting organizations to make sure the funds are properly used, but I have a list provided by a Ukrainian-American tech partner of ours. If for some reason the situation changes such that humanitarian organizations are not permitted in Ukraine (and I really hope this is not the case), I will find a worthy domestic cause. I will, of course, keep you all posted when I have identified the specific organization.

Finally, I would like to ask specially that we all please remember that the government of Russia and the people of Russia are not the same. Please don't let the actions of Mr. Putin influence your opinion of the wonderful Russian people as a whole.

Thank you. Please email me with any questions or concerns,