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Care and Feeding of your Chris N Missy Dress

Posted on April 18 2019


Always wash in cold water. If you can use gentle cycle, we definitely recommend that, although it's not a necessity. We make our dresses pretty tough! 

We don't recommend any specific detergents because machines and water vary so much. You should be able to use whatever detergent you use for the rest of your laundry.

Lingerie bags are great for anything with straps. Any long sashes or thin straps have a tendency to wrap around other clothes in the washer and can get yanked, pulling a hole or popping stitches.

*IMPORTANT (Seriously, very): According to Missy, dresses should be removed from the washer as soon as the wash cycle ends and not left to sit wet. This is the number one factor in preventing color bleed. 


For drying, we recommend you shake out the garment and either hang it or lay it flat. 


If you have wrinkles, a warm iron should smoothe them easily. Most of our materials are 100% cotton, although the knits (stretchy fabric) are a cotton/ synthetic blend, so don't overdo it on the heat or length of time.

We also use a stand-up clothes steamer similar to this (click), and spray-on wrinkle releaser (click), and they both work great!

Miscellaneous Emergencies

For spot stains, pretreat by dabbing liquid detergent onto the spot before washing.

Color bleeds are very rare, but here is what we've found works best (We do have product recommendations here, with Amazon links below, but you can find at any Walmart, Target, or grocery store): 1. Soak in a bowl of water with OxiClean. Follow the directions on the OxiClean label; 2. Re-wash asap with a 'color catcher'. We use the Shout brand, but there are others available. 
Shout Color Catcher